Thanks for this opportunity!

Hi all, My name is Tracy and I am from San Francisco, CA. I am so excited about this course!! I can’t wait to start my online business and make a lot of money !!!

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Hey Tracy, we are at least as excited to have you with us! Welcome to the SAS community! We are happy to accompany you along your new journey and we can’t wait to see you succeed and achieve your goals! Therefor please meet our team right over here. Also I highly suggest you connect with all our other students. Be an active participant in our forum, assist and help others, engage in discussions and of course ask your own questions. We are all here to help one another and to have a good time :relaxed:
There are weekly Webinars happening every Thursday and I highly recommend you to go check them out. These sessions offer you plenty of extra knowledge and support. You will also find replay videos of all sessions, so jump right in :+1:

So that’s it for now- I am looking forward to see you around! Enjoy :100:

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Welcome, Tracy! The weekly webinars are great! Ilya’s going through setting up an affiliate page using Thrive (which I’m using and it’s so easy to use!). If you jump back a couple of weeks on his training, you can catch up easily, especially if you already finished your weekly assignment. :slight_smile:


got it Bastian ! Thanks for all your support …


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