Super excited to be here

Hi everyone, my name is Tina Anako, Checking in from France. I’m super super excited to be here.
My goal is to be financially free and to be able to live the lifestyle I, want.



We’re glad you took the initiative to join us here at SAS. Looking forward to helping you achieve that goal!

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We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.

Good Morning Lizette Sandco.

I have been stuck in my training? I’m in module 2 now Trying to set up my domain and the WordPress but the link I followed in the training actually made me to overpaid for the domain and WordPress, according to the video I later watch after the payment, I don’t need to buy all that I paid for instead of 53 euros I ended up paying 120.55 euros. I sent a cancellation request to the Bluehost support they never reply. What do I do please? below is the attachment of the payment receipt.
Please I need your help.
Thanks, Tina Anako

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Hi there, @tinayo75.

I’m sorry to know about this.

Have you tried giving Bluehost a call to help you with this?

You may reach out to them through the following phone number below:

+1 888-401-4678

Or contact their support through chat:

Hi Lizette,

I have sent them a mail on face book and they’re in respond to me, waiting to here from them again
I will still try to contact them par telephone.

Thank you so much.