Still no sales after 1 week

Hello fellow SAS members,

I’m Alex Fung from Malaysia.
Wishing all a very good day.

I followed exactly to a tee the strategy that was laid out in the video “Google Search Ads Setup” but it’s been a week and still no conversions. And the CPC has been very expensive at nearly 15MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) per click.

Why is the strategy not working? How do I make it work? Has anyone got it to work? If yes then please do advise. I really need the help.

Thank you.

Alex Fung
(from Malaysia)


@AndyStewart may be able to help you out with this. What are your reports showing in Clickbank? Are you getting any hops and order form impressions? Can you take some screenshots of your ad setup and share them here?

Hi Sheryl and Andy Stewart,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I’m getting hops. No problem there.

My problems are the following: -

  1. Not getting any conversions i.e. no sales;
  2. Most visitors to my pre-sell page at not clicking on the “Send Me The Online Training” button;
  3. CPC way too expensive for the keywords suggested in the training video “Google Search Ads Setup”. Some costs as high as RM16 i.e. approx. $4 per click!

The details of my SAS campaign I’ve compiled into a pdf file and placed at:

Please do have a look and advise on how to make it work, thank you. I appreciate it.

Alex Fung
(from Malaysia)