Starting campaign on FB

Im starting campaign on FB, Doing split testing, tweaking, increasing budget on winning test. Spending First $100 on campaign, i’m not getting sales yet. But i feel i’m getting closer to get the result. Need to pause my campaign because the fund is running out. I’m schedulling on screening call for 1-1 coaching. Meanwhile, i’m scheduling call with facebook too, i hope i’m eligible to get $100 ad coupon from FB, so i can continue the campaign soon.

SO, it’s been exactly 14 days since I started the campaign (start the campaign on Dec 9th).
So the result so far is as follow:

  • Spent $200 on 2 ads campaign
  • One campaign got 13% CTR and 14% o.f impression
  • Another campaign got 8% CTR and 2% o.f impression
  • No sales yet.

I Gotta do a little tweak on the campaign. I’m not gonna kill the campaign because it’s still looking good for me as john and Ilya say in the course.

I’ll update again next week.

New campaign running.
Let’s see if this time I will get sales or not.


so far seems good. I hope I see a conversion this week.

The tracking tool that i’m using called bemob. it’s free and i think it is good for starter like me.

it’s been a week since I started the campaign

this is the update

Got so many clicks but still no sales.
I think they just don’t buy this kind of product. gotta change the targeting.

Any ideas on how to tweak the campaign?
I’ve got good percentages for CTR, and Order Form impression. But still no sales whatsoever.

what’s wrong here?

Okay, 2 weeks and no sales. Because the data I got from the campaign is good enough, I contacted the affiliate manager for the product I’m promoting and asked for a buyer list, and guess what? They give me a hashed buyer list. I’m looking forward to starting a new campaign with this targeting option. My goal is to make ten sales by the end of the month.