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Something stopping forward motion

I have gone through the welcome section 3 times and I must not be doing something. what could it be ? I’m not being allowed to go forward. Does anyone have any ideas?

@lwschmidt2073 To move forward, don’t forget to click “CLICK TO COMPLETE” button found on top of each video once you’re done watching it.

I went through each video but there was one that did not give me a complete sign to answer. I went up and down the accordion chart to no avail. What can I do. thank you sir for responding

It only means you did not finish watching the video. The “CLICK TO COMPLETE” will not show up until you’re through with the video. Go back to that video and finish it. You should be good. Have a great weekend.

Hi @lwschmidt2073, try to play the video and skip right through the end, which should prompt the complete button to appear.

If you are still having the same issue, please email support at with your SAS log in details and we’ll look into this for you.