Solo ads help, please :)

Hey folks, hope that you’ve all been sound and well!

It’s Odeh here, and I’m new to this community.

I was about to run a solo ad on Udimi, but I’ve heard john saying that we should only drive traffic from desktop, noting that options are very limited on Udimi and even if there are vendors who have the “no mobile” filter available, it’s too expensive.

Any suggestions around that?

Ps. I’ve copies the presell page of the SAS course and here’s my page:

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi, @odeh. I hope I’m not too late to answer this question.

I understand that John recommended not to drive traffic to mobile users.

Basically, the advice is for the SAS product, since SAS is a high ticket product, therefore, driving traffic to mobile will not be ideal.

However, we do recommend promoting lower ticket products that have a higher conversion rate if promoted through solo ad. With that, you may also find low ticket products that can you can drive traffic to mobile. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hi, This was very helpful for me too.

I was thinking to try Solo ads but not with hight ticket product but with weight loss product. I can hardly find anybody who is offering Health niche on Udimi. I cannot send message to them, I am not allowed until I buy traffic. But I don’t want to buy traffic if I don’t know if their subscribers are interested in Health niche or not. Traffic for me is too expensive, Health niche the cheapest offer is 800 dollars.
Any suggestion? I would not like to spend more than 100 dollar.

Hi there,
I have the same situation as Melinda too.
Please advise folk.
Thank you