Software I use for facebook advertising

Hey guys I just wanted to let you know about a software I use for facebook ads called connect explore. It is used when targeting interests in your ads. It provides you with information that facebook does not show you about your ads. Such as, which interests are getting the most impressions, best CTR’S and it tells you the cost per click for each interest.

This way you are able to see which interests are not performing as good and which ones are costing you a lot more money per click, enabling you to get the best ROI. You can then delete them from your ads on connect explore and it sync’s to your fb ad.

It is only used for facebook though unfortunately and only works for interests. So you have to decide if the cost of the software is worth it to you. Hope this might help some people I know how scary facebook advertising can be

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@nmurphy08 I actually just saw this the other day. Do you find it’s made a difference in your marketing efforts?

It really helps stretch your ad budget. For example I could see that I had many interests that were getting 500 impressions and say probably 3 clicks at a CPC of $5.00

Then you can see another one of your interests with 500 impressions with probably say 9 clicks and a CPC of 20 cents or less. So you can easily see which interests to delete to stretch your budget

Then you can also do layering which is great for laser targetting your audience because facebook will only show your ad to people who have liked 2 or 3 of the interests you select. Which means it’s a great chance they are into the niche!

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That sounds fantastic. Sounds like another great product from Wilco de Kreij. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Great information - thanks for sharing.

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