Sharita From Detroit, Michigan

Hello everyone. Happy to be here and learn all I can about making money online. I am a 38 year old mother of four from Detroit, Michigan. I currently do merchandising for a living. I hope that this will be my last job working for somebody else. I wish everyone here great success!

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Nice to meet you Sharita! Best of luck on your new journey :slight_smile:

Hallo and Welcome, Sharita @stovall.sharita :relaxed: We are happy that you found your way to us…hopefully this will be the beginning of a successful and life-changing liaison and you can soon leave your old merchandising job behind! We wish you best of luck for this new journey! And while you will be working hard on the first week of course, don’t forget to get connected with the rest of our great community here…the team and all the other students are stoked to meet you- may I introduce you the SAS team. Further I’d like to invite you to our weekly WEBINARS, where you can also find replay videos of our previous sessions.
Look around and get comfortable! We are all looking forward to connect with you :+1: