Setting up Youtube Campaign

Hi -
I’m in the Module 5 video, Show Me How to Create a Youtube Video Ad –
I have followed it to the letter & everything has been working great until I get to the point where I paste the copied link of John’s video:
I get a red error message that says, "*No videos found for “
I then clicked on the link & it does pull it up in youtube & it starts playing. I tried copying the link directly from the address bar of the youtube page & I get the same error message.
It’s not automatically detecting the video like it should be so that I can then click on the Create Campaign button. Can anyone help me w/this? I can finish this module this eve & move onto the next one if I can get it to work.

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Hi @yahiaoui.haythem, have you tried my advice on redoing the campaign?

Try to clear your browser’s cache and redo your campaign from the start as the link you shared with me for your YT video seems to be working fine.