September 5th Coaching Call Questions

Make sure to join us today at 3PM Central for this week’s Coaching Call!

Sara and I will be answering questions on the course, affiliate marketing, and the Facebook and Google ad platforms. If you missed last week’s call, you can access it in the Weekly Calls section up top.

If you’re looking for the Facebook Marketing API & Layered Targeting workshop, you can get it HERE

If you have not registered for the weekly Coaching Calls yet, you can do so here:

You may post questions here or bring them to the webinar or both!

See you there!


See you there! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your help, Sabrina. I did make the changes you suggested and the ad is back into review. At least it was before I got on the webinar! See everybody there!

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Thank you for the webinar and for all the questions that were answered. I leaned a lot with all of them. The instructors are great. In the beginning my connection was breaking up and I was a littler upset, but later on it was better.

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Hi Everyone,
I was a bit late for the webinar. The connection was poor at the beginning but later I was able to listen and learned well. 1.

  1. Where is the domain link?
  2. Where should I register the domain?
    Thank you,
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Hey @beautifulflower471

The domain link is the url you choose when you register your host account, either through Bluehost or Coolhandle.


Here are the instructions for Bluehost:

I tried to register the website two days ago. The payment process failed. Today I cancelled the first registration. Later I received the 3 emails. I tried again today a new website and was successful. I have not received the 3 emails John spoke about. What should I do?

Hey @beautifulflower471

Which emails are you referring to?

If you can log in to your Bluehost account and go to my domains, you’ll see your domain and it will show an orange box if it needs validating via email. You can opt to resend the validation email if you have not already received it :slight_smile:

Thanks. Got the website sorted out.
After registering my website i noticed next to the URL were the words “not secure”. What does that mean?


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Hi Cheryl, well that just means that you don’t have the SSL certificate just yet (A security certificate that makes surfing safer). No worries though, bluehost provides it for free. Just go here for exact steps on how to activate it.