Second Solo Ads - Clickbank Product: Eat Sleep Burn (No Sale)

Hi All,

Just sharing another one of my solo ads (first solo ad post is in the link below):

Second solo ad: Purchased 125 clicks, and removed mobile devices. $72 @0.58/click. Had a $5 discount.

Tracking ID showed about 226 clicks, 5 order form impressions.

Originally it was tracking about 114 clicks and I messaged the Udimi guy saying that I had 0 Order Form impressions which is really bad I think. I’ve paid for search ads that yielded much better results with half the clicks and lower cost per click. He ended sending me some more clicks “off the books” as they didn’t track in Udimi.

I switched products to a health and wellness popular that’s trending called “Eat Sleep Burn” and used one of their email swipes.

Some notes moving forward:

  1. Maybe stick with ONE product or ONE category of products.
  2. Don’t tell the solo ads person that you are not getting order form impressions. Because then they know what you are looking to do and can get easy traffic to check out the order form with no intent to buy. Not saying the seller did this, but to get 125 clicks without a single order form impression is pretty shady in my opinion, at least with a trending Clickbank product that does pretty well.
  3. Even though I filtered to USA only, it still sent me other top tier countries. Would have been better for USA only imo, but I am not sure on this thought.

Note that the SAS swipe and landing page got more click throughs.