SCRIPT FOR Benefits of Marketing Tech. Don't sell features, sell benefits

My name is John Kapatais. FB me if you want. [email protected]

When talking to clients on the phone:

don’t sell what features mt gives, sell the benefits

increased qualified traffic to your webpages. would you like an increase to your qualified traffic. not just random but qualified traffic to reach your webpages? we can increase conversoin rates and current conversion rates across current opt ins or current products…

(you could easilty download FB pixel helper off chrome store for free and it’ll tell you whether websites you visit have fb pixel installed or not. i’m sure there’s one for google pixel too. for fb pixel you’ll have a blue box on top of ur screen, a small box, that turns blue or not dpending if that webiste has fb pixel installed or not)

I notice you don’t have a fb pixel or pixel coded on your site and you’re not tagging people who are coming onto your site and you’re not retargeting, not even at a basic level, a seles offering to that audience. so you can begin to increase current conversion rates to your
current sales pages/webpages. if a lead comes to your webspage or sales page and there’s a conversion rate of 10% or 1 ouf o 10. Through FB ads we can increase that to 2 out of 10 or 20%. We increasing the conversion rate of people visiting your site which is a lot more
cost effecitve which is a lot easiert to remarket and increase conversions on current sales rather than trying to find new customers.

We can also start topping up the funnerl with new leads which is great, new subuscribers or we increase the start of your pipeline with new leads How does that sound? Take the trial and error with ads out of the eqution because our smart MT algorightm has predefined data makes testing
obsolete because its intelligently and effectively done which is way more cost effective and saves you money from the start. It runs advertising campaigns to relevant audiences based on keywords and interests that are directly associated with the advertised business endeavors.

If i could show you how you could half your advertisng budget on other media while oncreasing conversion rates and sales rates to your current products all the while
getting valuable feedback from your potential customers and maybe if you only have 2 out of 10 buyer product online, what if there was an easy, affordable
and effective way to increase that to 4 out of 10 or 8 out of 10. The reason people don’t buy isnt because people don’t likethe products, its beacuse you haven’t
shown your message to them enough times. i want to show you a way of how to target people who have clearly demonstrated an interest in your products all the while
affordably and manageably driving them to your webpage.

Increased qualified traffic to your sales pages.

reduced ad spend in other media

increasing current conversion rates across products that are currently selling. (retargeting?)

topping up your funnel with new leads.

we test the market cost effectively.

so we’ve identified that we’re able to help you with ur problems (a,b,c) and help you achieve the results (x,yz) so with that siad, do you see a fit with our solution?

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Thanks for this @jkapatais! :smile: