Scott with Greetings from Maryland!

I hope you are doing great today! I am Scott, and I am transitioning from standard 40hrs work week to starting my own business! I’d love to hear any advice as I get started in my new endeavors, including the SAS Pro. Best wishes for your success

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Hello Scott @slinky_21030! First of all - BIG WELCOME to you! John and the SAS staff are happy to have you aboard - let’s make this a successful collaboration! You can always rely on our support - at the same time I highly advice you to strongly connect with our community. If you guys share your knowledge, the path to financial freedom will be much, much shorter!
Here is a quick overview with the most important things you need to consider on your new journey:

Your honest and dedicated effort is all what it takes to be successful!
Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Please upload a profile picture!