SAS video ad Follow Along

Hi milllionaires,

Sharing my video ad campaign for the SAS course.

Picked one of John’s best converting videos. Then created 3 campaigns. One Video in each campaign (see below).

The budget per campaign was 100, 50, and 50 USD (in Swedish currency that is 1000, 500, and 500 SEK). I used all the settings recommended in John’s videos.

Tip: Double-check that only desktop is targeted.

Another tip: One identical video per campaign.
The adWords staff recommended me to use the same video only once in
each campaign. Otherwise my videos may compete and bid against each other.

Campaign 1 is called “John YouTube 1”. It’s targeted to the specifik audiences recommended by John AND keywords like clickbank, affiliate, and jvzoo (see below).

Campaign 2 is called “John video 2 (CIA)” and is ONLY targeted to specific audiences called Custom Intent Audiences. Mostly targeted to people interested in affiliate, SEO, and web domains (see below).

Campaign 3 is called “John video 3 (KW)” and is targeted to specific Keywords only. Like “affiliate marketing”, “John Crestani”, “make money online”. They were all in phrase or exact match, to keep it very narrow (see below).

The clickthrough rate (CTR) for the keyword “clickbank” was over 3% and for “affiliate” over 7%. In terms of CTR they were by far the strongest. BUT since I don’t pay for impressions, why would I care for CTR? I guess conversion rate is much more important?

I seriously consider buying Voluum.
To learn it really well and interpret all stats from there instead!

So, I checked my clickbank stats:

I got 17 hops, 2 initial order form impressions and 0 sales so far. That’s 8 hops per order form impression. I believe John said that 100 hops tend to give 10 order form impressions and 1 sale?

Even though I have launched a product on Amazon, been part-time entrepreneur for some years, and worked at adWords customer support, it feels like I’m going to school for the first time. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on how I optimize?

Feel free to copy and use.

Thanks for the great follow along @stelars!

You may find these useful:

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Was good to re-watch these videos Sabrina,

So John roughly said:

To get an SAS sale from ok traffic:
HOPS 100

Get an SAS sale from great traffic:

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Next step is to continue testing different GEOs for the SAS offer (video and search ad).

So far I’ve tested 8 of the TIER1 english speaking countries (USA, Canada, Australia, etc expensive countries).

I did find better numbers for Puerto Rico and South Africa, when it comes to costs, CTR, and some conversion.

So, tomorrow I will GEO test Puerto Rico, South Africa, and a THIRD country. What THIRD country can I test?

Preferably something different. Unexpected. A wild card. Win or lose.

John’s moderators probably know a lot about the SAS marketing?

Do you have a suggestion for a THIRD country I could GEO test?
(For the search ad, and possibly the video ad.)


Will share my results with you after about a week.

You rock!

How did it go @stelars ? How did it convert for 2rd or 3rd Tier country? Was these 3rd tier Ads for Facebook Ads or Adwords?