SAS Pro Panel Web Domain Admin

Hi Everyone,

I have quick list of questions that I have, and will be thankful for any assistance I can obtain for as many of them as possible:

  •     When I start a new product to launch, am Istarting a new domain for each, or just adding a different slug at the end ofthe web domain for each new product?
  •     Similar to the above question, when using thepresell templates in the SAS Pro Panel, would I just design the page, and ad anew slug for the new offering, or will I need to create a new domain?
  •      When I add pixel scripts in my SAS Pro Panel/domain admin, does it automatically connect to all my presell pages, or do I need to set a pixel for each one individually?
  •      My domain doesn’t have a ‘.com’ before the URL slug, but says ‘.xyz’ instead. Will that cause any issues?
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all the same questions ! thought i was only one not getting it right

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Hi, I did get some answers if it helps you as well.

You’re not getting a new domain for each new product. Each product/presell page will just be a separate page under that domain, but it’ll have a different ‘slug’ at the end of your URL for each one.

Once you add Pixels from your traffic source (ex: Facebook Ads), it will cover all of your presell/pages under your domain from what I was told by support.

Lastly, it won’t matter whether your domain ends in ‘xyz’ or ‘.com’.

I hope this helps if you haven’t received any help yet.