Rookie in this field

Hello everyone. My name is Joe Mosier. I live in London, Ohio. I am learning this from scratch. Good thing that mistakes are part of this process because I will make a lot of them.
Anxious to get started.


Hi Joe @joe1, BIG WELCOME to you! You are now part of our wonderful SAS community…and yes, you are right - this new journey will inevitably lead you to unknown territory and mistakes will be your daily bread :wink: but they will be part of your learning process and you will grow through them, so FULL SPEED AHEAD!
And you can always benefit also from the experience of our other students - so therefore I’d like to encourage you to make use of our forum and engage with everyone. Share your personal experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can - simply benefit from one another and grow as a team!
Otherwise be assured that John and the whole SAS staff are always here for your needs and doubts - The whole team will be assisting you to make your journey to success and financial freedom as smooth and joyful as possible!
Also whenever you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out for our technical support at [email protected].
On top of you should regularly use the Knowledge Base, where you can find plenty of additional instructions and tutorials.

One thing you must not miss are our Weekly SAS Live Trainings happening each Thursday. My colleague Ilya will guide you step-by-step through selected topics and you have the chance to ask any questions in the dedicated ‘Q&A’ part. Don’t miss it!

And my very, very last request for you is: Please upload a profile picture.

Now DIVE RIGHT in! Make the most out of this…work hard, stop looking for excuses and do each step over and over again until you master the art of affiliate marketing! The reward will be tremendous!