Robinson R22 Helicopter Flying Costs Money

Yes Flying is expensive. I’m Jim Frohn, a former Engineer. I worked most recently at Modular Computers, a manufacturer of Real Time Mini Computers. They sound small, but unlike our Micro Computers, they are large, and in 19 inch racks. I also ran the Computer Aided Design Department.
Now about those Flying Machines. I do love to fly but I am looking for a way to finance my hobbies and John has provided the mechanism to accomplish this. Some of my other expensive hobbies are: Sailing my 16 foot Hobie Cat sail boat, Flying in a Vertical Wind Tunnel at a place called “I Fly”. It produces wind in an upward direction, so that you can go into it and the wind at 120 MPH supports your weight, and your hands and feet control how you fly. It is a lot of fun. It is like Sky Diving without having to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

I am originally from Cincinnati, and as of 1974, I am in Fort Lauderdale.

My initial Goal is 5,000 per month, with an increase to a net worth of $8,000,000. Yes, I am looking to take on other expensive hobbies!

I also want to travel and see / do several other things, like the best zip line in the world, and fly a Lear Jet, besides flying a helicopter more regularly.

Well, there you have it. I have a very intense goal to achieve success in the Super Affiliate System Pro, and I am willing to work very hard in spite of my age. Oh yeah, I am 75 but I am in very good shape.

Good luck to all, now it’s back to work for me.
Jim Frohn . . .