Regarding the Coaching Calls - Is this One on One Coaching Calls discussion questions?

Where do I get on this coaching calls?
Is this the Live SuperAffiliate sessions?
Is this the inner circle you are talking about?
Anyone been called by Salvado to qualify if you want to join the coaching program?
How many weeks are you into your program?
What are your results from the one-one coaching program? It sounds vague?
I ask if they will help review and optimise where my campaign goes wrong?
I was told no, they just show me what to do to make the money.
From the videos even Carlos Cruz (one of the Facebook markeng trainer) who is well seasoned affiliate marketer has to split test and evaluate the campaigns.

I know you probably cannot leak the secret sauce. But if you are on the one-on-one program how much have you made. How much is the ads before you breakeven?


@Ange I received an email from gowebinar yesterday with the subject line:

Super Affiliate Live Training January 9th - Outsourcing funnel steps

from: John Crestani [email protected]

Has info on the weekly calls, the link to join, etc.


Thanks Vikk I was just on it. Helpful to know the outsourcers :+1: … they can help you with the website. :grinning:

Hi @Ange, no, the training yesterday was not the Inner Circle training. I signed up for the free trial when I bought into the program. I believe there are two Inner Circle calls a month. One was two weeks ago and we have another today. John does these calls. If you added the free trial, you’d have received an email regarding the time and login.

Yesterday’s email subject line: Reminder: SAS: Inner Circle Membership Growth Call starts in 1 Day

Here’s the link to the Inner Circle.

Great questions on the coaching. I haven’t explored the 1-on-1 coaching yet. Maybe there’s some info within all the community support questions. I believe you call and talk to the 1-on-1 coaching folks to learn more. I’m going to go through the course and maybe give the Inner Circle a try and see how that goes. Seems like there’s more opportunity to get individual ad help there. We’ll see.

Sounds like you’ve made the initial call regarding the coaching.

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Thanks Vikk, I see. Strangely at sign up I did also took up the trial but was not notified about it. Maybe because I used debit card, Trust it was insightful!

@Ange I found the Inner Circle conversation and training very helpful.

Did you check your spam folder? (you probably did…) You might email support that you thought you had requested the free trial if you still want it.