Recommended Keywords for Youtube ads

Hi All,
Since we cannot ad the custom audience list is we have not met Google requirements.
Do you recommend any keyword to target?

Thanks in advance for your response


Hi @JoelB1011! Hope you’re having a great Saturday! I suggest you check out some of the keyword planner tools out there, many of which are free (or have free versions). Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a newer one and Sem rush has another good one.

I recommend a targeting strategy.

The goal is to find an EXACT Keyword Channel Targeting, that bring you a steady Cost per Order Form Impression of 17$ or Less

Why $17?

That’s the golden targeting keyword. Because on average 1 out of 6 Order Form Impressions are going to be buyers.

(17) * (6) = 102 Cost
358 Profit

Fast test targeting keywords, and find the ones that makes 17$ per order forms, then FOCUS on those.

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Thanks so much, Andy. I will give that a try!

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Great info Inaki, I will work on this strategy.
Thanks again!

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I contacted John’s support team on 16th Sept 2019 about this and this is the response I received about targeting:-

If you are unable to upload a buyers list to Google, it may be because they recently changed their policy regarding the ability to upload customer lists. There is now a requirement to have an ad spend of $50k and other criteria before you’re able to use customer lists. So, we have an alternative.

You’ll want to target the following In-Market Audiences for YouTube traffic.

Business Services > Advertising & Marketing Services > SEO & SEM Services
Business Services > Business Technology > Web Services Domain Registration
Business Services > Payment Processing & Merchant Services

These categories work extremely well, and are super tried-and-true.

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Great. Thanks Stayton