Questions on the week one Tracking and testing

You made a comment on who would you rather spend more time with, a salesman that makes you more money or the one who does not. I hope that’s not your view with your new affiliates, because as they /we are new, obviously we are not making you any money but taking your valuable time, yet, you must spend time with us to make true your promises after we bought your program. I bought your credibility, hoping that you were going to guide us step by step live or in video, but sometimes I feel that you do not care to much about your new affiliates, because I do not know where are you at least encouraging your new students. I know you are busy, yet, we believed in you when making the purchase of the program. All I am saying, having more of your presence on the weekly meetings would be extremely great and enjoying.

Hey Eddie,
How long have you been in this program?