Question regarding web hosting

I know John recommends using Bluehost but I’d like to know if I can use Siteground with this program?

I had an account with Bluehost since 2002 but canceled it in December and opened up an account with Siteground. The reason is that I had to major malware attacks last year that attacked all my domains. I had the first round cleaned up but it took quite a bit of money. When the second account came about two months later, I chose to let it all go. It wasn’t worth the stress of trying to clean it all up. Bluehost automatically suspended my account as soon as the malware was detected.

I don’t know of any reason why I can’t but I wanted to check.

Thanks, Vikk

Yes, you can use Siteground. If you are using the “Clickfunnels” method then you will have to make sure you have Wordpress because you will have to install the Clickfunnels plug-in.