Question regarding Building a Site

John showed us How to use a pre sell page for the Links,
But what if I want to start a Review site or a Blog?
How Can I build a Blog or a site?Click Funnels seems over crowded with too much info.Any one can recommend me a place that teaches How to do a website?

I checked out YouTube where there are folks with videos on building Affiliate website - one guy can’t think of his name, two brothers has other videos that have some good info for affiliate marketing. Hope this helps - for me been a click and learn and taking me forever to get it right but close or I think I am finally. Sorry meaning got the website done, but working through best strategy for me to use as want to test effectively without breaking my bank.

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Hi there, @plyler1. We do have a good webinar topic about building a good presell page. Here you can watch the replay of that webinar that you can also use as a reference.