Question: any realistic alternatives to clickfunnels at lower cost?

Clickfunnels is expensive. There are lots of cheaper systems that claim to be viable alternatives, but are they, really? Any experience out there?

Or should I just bite the bullet and do clickfunnels?

J. Brasher

John has shared Clickfunnels available to you in several niches. so if any of those interest you it’s super simple to set up a shared Clickfunnel and they cannot be used elsewhere.

Additionally if you want to build out your own landing pages and split tests you can do so quite easily with CF, which is one of the primary reasons John recommends it.


I would love to have some CF training. I’m sure I could be making better use of it. I’ve checked their website but not seen anything that looked like beginner training.


Do you need help with your funnel?

Not sure what a shared CF is. In the video, John mentioned getting a free trial of CF. How does one tap into the shared CF?

Best, Alex

Hi Sabrina,
I think I understand the basic process needed to use the funnels John has provided but that’s about it. I always like to know how things work and I’d have no idea how to create my own. And I think I’m missing some of the things CF does. It’s not cheap and I’d like to get the most out of it.
Thanks for all the help we get from you and Sara!


You’re welcome!

I found this you may find helpful:


@brashboy To specifically answer your question a shared clickfunnel is a page or pages someone else creates in clickfunnels and then with a couple clicks you can add the funnel to your own CF account to use in your promotions. In addition to the Presell page found in the Resources section of the member area under Presell Pages
John has also provided some new Clickfunnels you can share into your account. You can take a look at the additional funnels and add them to your account here:
With these funnels you can simply share them to your account and then find products to promote on those topics and add your affiliate link.

Beyond that Clickfunnels is a pretty comprehensive platform that does quite a lot of different things that you can learn and use as needed and at your own pace. The major advantage to using it now, without having full comprehension of the entire platform is that you can set up any of those funnels and begin your promotions in minutes, not days or weeks as would be the case if you were creating your own presell pages in CF or any other page building software.


Got it. Thanks, Sara.

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I use a funnel system that is $50 a month, However they pay a 50% affiliate fee, which means if you refer two others to the system you subscription is basically free cause you receive $25 for each of the referrals. I have used Clickfunnels and I have used the one I use now and prefer mine. Very customizable, 2 weeks free trial with no upfront credit card. They have everything including an autoresponder and a lead gathering database. I’ve been using it for 2 years. I will keep it unless John’s program requires me to use Clickfunnels. John probably gets a fee for his recommendation to click funnels. I’m not trying to take anyone away from what they are using. They have a drag and drop creator system and plenty of training to support their app. I’m also a member of their FB Group

Hi Ralton,
Would you be willing to share which one you use? I looked at Convertri, which is about half the price of CF, but not sure that is comparing apples to apples.

This is my referral link. I am an affiliate of theirs. I have been a subscriber since August of last year.

This will give you a free trial with no CC up front. If you upgrade from your free trial it will be $50 a month. You then will be an affiliate also and they will pay you $25 a month for every month your customer stays enrolled. The first 2 you enroll will pay for your membership. The enrollees after that will pay you $25 each. I have been very pleased with the site and support. Lots of training videos and a bunch of prebuilt pages. If you decide to take a free trial, contact me and we can do a Zoom to show you how to access everything. It has an autoresponder built in, a database that will capture your enrollees. ( I forward all my enrollees to Aweber ) I’m pleased with it and think you will be too.

Ralton, thanks a bunch

I have gone past the part of the training that talks about Click Funnels. This was after I posted about The Conversion Pros. After watching the training, I see more value in CF than in Conversion Pros. I am canceling my membership in TCP. I wanted everyone to know I am no longer using TCP because I see CF at $97 a better value than TCP at $50.



AWeber is an autoresponder :slight_smile:

Totally agree with that.