Question about what kind of website

Hello All ! I am new here so be gentle for a bit please… I would like to know what type of website do I need ? is it a personal webpage? is it a place to come and compare? should it be based on Affiliate Sales only? Videos of this working with the add placed? \

Can Someone tell me please?
Thank you in advance
Scott Almand

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Hi @Scottalmand, there are a few websites that you can build depending on your goal.

However, if you are to promote products in line to affiliate marketing, then you can do a sales page/presell page.

You should know more about it once you get to module 2 if you haven’t yet. Otherwise, you can also check our weekly webinar videos for related topics here.


If you were to build a real-world business you would need a place to show your wares right? In the digital world, this is a website with some kind of hosting platform. There are a myriad of options but at the end of the day it boils down to either a hosting service with some kind of CMS (such as Wordpress) or a Page Building platform such as Clickfunnels or Builderall. Either way, you need to attach your selection to a domain name.

What you do with your domain depends largely on your goals. As an SAS student, all you want to do is create pre-sell pages that are congruent with the sales page they will point to, and then make targeted, optimized ads that will (hopefully) attract interested visitors to your offer.

I have seen a lot of newbies use “free” sites such as wix to host their pages. I would discourage that path because it takes a lot of your image and credibility away. Visitors might see the fact that its a free site, and think: if he can’t even pay for a proper website, how good can this product really be?

Hope that helps. Good luck!