“Promote your Affiliate links for free” Link

I am trying to find the link to promote my Affiliate Link. I tried logging out and logging back in, still the same, did not see the link. Can some help me?

You need to have your ID entered in your profile in order to activate the widget:

If you can’t locate this, send us your ID and email in a private message and we can update your profile for you :wink:

My profile doesn’t look like that. I don’t see anything for a clickbank ID

Never mind!! :upside_down_face: I found it!! Yay me!

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

hi please can you set up my link connection problems


Send us your CB ID and we’ll get you set up :slight_smile:

I have tried to share it on facebook but when the link is clicked, below messages appeared:

“Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”

Can someone assist with the error message.