Promote Affiliate link

John talked about a link on the top left of the members site that said “Promote your Affiliate links for free” Get started… did anyone see this on their site? My site is really kind of funky. I am using Chrome, what is everybody else using and do you see the same thing?

Hey @expandwithdoug

Please log out of your SAS member area and then log back in. Once logged in you will see the following:

To activate the widget you will enter your Clickbank ID. Do not enter your Affiliate LINK.

If you see references to your ClickBank ID (as seen in the above screenshot), CBID, Affiliate ID, or Vendor ID, these terms refer to your account nickname.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

The login nickname you use should be entered into the field seen in the screenshot that says CLICKBANK ID. From there the widget automatically generates your affiliate link for you based on your clickbank id. Now you can simply click the social media platform you wish to post to and your link is auto created.

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