Profile icon not showing on Google Video Ad

So I have a weird issue, or I feel like it maybe an issue, I am trying to see why my Google Video ad is not getting the results I want so went to check to see if there was anything wrong with the setup and I found that when I preview my video ad it shows that my business icon does not display correctly, I presently change it from my personal icon to my business icon, I when to google and you-tube and chrome profile and change it to my business icon and still shows my personal icon, I have cleared out my browser history and signed out and everything and the ad still shows my personal icon, when I go to my you-tube channel thought all of the sudden it switches to my business icon. Anybody know what is going on here??? here are some screenshots to show you what I see.

I believe to get the icon to show up, go to your YouTube channel linked to the email you signed up with in Google Ads and upload an avatar.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, as it won’t affect your ads or sales. It’s just the image that will show next to your ad. Most people won’t pay attention to it anyway :smiley:

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It corrected itself after awhile thanks

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