Problems with Google Ads?

Hi everyone, my name is Pete and I’m new to this affiliate marketing lark. Hoping to make a decent amount of cash from it. I’ve done a few internet marketing courses and thought they could help everyone else too.

If you’re new to using Google Ads or just want to get better at it, there’s a great (online) course available. It’s instructed by a guy called Hemmel Amrania who makes around $100k per month from setting up Google ad campaigns for his clients. He’s also a doctor so he’s really smart! If you want to optimize your ad campaigns this is a really good course. You can find it here…

They do other courses too for stuff like SEO, social media ads, funnels etc, but I’ve not tried those yet.

If anyone does try them can you leave a comment to say how helpful they are?


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Hello Pete, AWESOME recommendation, I’ve read online about them and they seem very decent and seem to give very good education! Let us know what you learn.

Also, I’d be contacting them directly and try to build some cooperation between us, might give good results to all sides :slight_smile: