Please Help With Free Traffic Credits

I’m David Shipp. I’m still new, still trying to getting acclimated with this program, and making decisions about how to move forward.

I like the sound of the concept of “Free Traffic Credits”, ad networks, and ad coupons. However, I’ve never used them and can’t find any tutorials about using them, at least not very easily. Would some please provide a step by step breakdown or thorough tutorial on using this concept to generate sales on an information product? Probably from creating a niche, sending prospects to a lead capture page from ad coupon traffic, and then as part of an email list, following a sale, preferably?

I’m in Inner Circle. I just discovered that there is nothing to the website that I got directed towards, as I was trying to find a way to reach John with my questions. How do member in the Inner Circle reach John?

So far, the support has not been as expected and seems to be getting even less responsive the more I try to interact.