Please help with first campaign!

Hey guys, I posted this on another thread but got no responses, So I thought ~I would try here.

Ok, So I think I may be ready to start driving traffic to my pre-sell page,

I have not altered the page in any way I have only added my Clickbank nickname to the SASPanel and I have tested the funnel, Everything seems to work well clicking right through to the order page,(As I can see my Clickbank affiliate ID on the order page)

My question is regarding the advertising.

I am planning to use google ads to send traffic to my presell page but I am not sure what ad copy I should use (I’m thinking to grab some copy from the sales page), perhaps someone could help me?

Also what keywords should I use for the offer?

Just the product name followed by “review”

Or should I test other keywords which I can get from google keyword planner?

Will these tests not cost a lot of money?

Like running ads with different keywords, then stop the ads that are not converting and scale the ones that do convert to a sale?

Is that the usual process? Or would the vendor know some keywords I should use?

Any feedback would be most welcome.

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Hi there, @yunis! I suggest watching the replay of the weekly webinar here about creative copywriting and Google ad creation for your reference.

You may also find other helpful webinars that will guide you in building your ad.

We also have some ad copy template that you can find on your resources.

Ok, Thank yo uso much for your guidance.

I have noticed a little problem with one of the SASPanel pre-sell pages.

I was thinking about promoting TEDS woodworking but I put thew pre-sell page to the test and clicked through.m

However on the Clickbank checkout page my affiliate ID wasn’t at the bottom of the page. It was some other [ affiliate = stevennew.STORE ] to be precise.

Maybe someone who actually built the SASPanel page.

I know that SASPanel is still in BETA which is why I ran the check.

A mister Steven would’ve been very happy if I ran paid ads to the page lol.

Is there anyway I can change the page so that my affiliate ID would show on the checkout page?


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@yunis, have you added your CB ID to the ‘My Affiliate IDs’ section on your SASPanel account?

Yes I have. I have checked the other pages/offers and clicked through. And at the checkout page, my Clickbank ID is at the bottom. So if someone purchased, I would’ve been credited with the sale.

@yunis, can you email me a screenshot of your 'My Affiliate ID’s section at [email protected] for me to better look into this.