Please advice SOLO ads

Please, advice, that’s how my campaign looks so far. I would say the First source of links was not bad, as long as I See easiest123 — 61 clicks went to — 12 Form impressions went to — 5 initial orders. Was not bad. I think to try the same product with the same seller for 100 clicks one more time. Any thoughts?


This sounds great. Did you try the high ticket SAS webinar or some other niche? Did you buy more solo ads and make any sale?

that looks like about the same is mines and I have done johns sas this morning with 15 hops

Well done!! Am encouraged to hear of your success!

Did you actually make sales? It looks like from that screen shot you got 5 Order Form Impressions, which as I understand it means 5 people went to the order form. But I don’t see any sales going through.

Did you make money?

this is my new one

still no sales but im still gone continue

maybe im doing something wrong