Placement of the Pixel code

Does the FB pixel code go on just your squeeze page? Or does it have to go on the page where you actually sign up for the course? I have a page where I collect the email for my list than it goes to the page where you actually put your email to schedule the webinar. The first page is and the second page is


Please see our support article for how to add FB, Google and generic tracking pixels:

If were running a pixel thru clickbank do we need to un the one from facebook?

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Yes same question…thinking if we have pixel thru ClickBank, we wouldn’t need to create another one in FB? Also, can anyone tell me which Pixel ID connected to FB acct I need to use?

I figured out that we get the Pixel ID after we “create pixel” thru FB, so I guess we do need to go through that process regardless?

I’ve got both the clickbank pixel and the FB Pixel running. I’ve added it to my squeeze page. Did you get it added? I’m running just my video ad right now. I’ve blown over a grand just in my search and display. I actually think it’s my squeeze page although I didn’t design it’s John’s Squeeze I just have it hook up collecting emails before they go schedule a time before schedule a time to watch his video. Are you a support person?


This is quoted from @IlyaG on another thread. Hope it helps.

“You need the same Facebook pixel set up on all of your presell pages / websites, then to make things more segregated across your different products / presell pages (a bit more advanced) you set up a custom conversion/event on Facebook Ad manager for each URL (basically each funnel ). This would be the detailed process. So essentially, when you set up the audiences, you want to set it up so that there are multiple audiences based on the different URLs (funnels). I suggest you take part in our upcoming live training sessions to learn more.”

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