Page After Clicking The Submit On Presell Page Keeps Showing in Spanish

For some reason after I preview through click funnels to see if my affiliate link integrated into the popup the page after the submit button keeps showing up in spanish . My presell page is in English , My affiliate link is English , I don’t get it.

Hi Charlinda, try if this might help you:

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I think you might have changed the button’s action to submit the page instead of redirect (to your hoplink). Check this tutorial out :slight_smile:

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Hi, The same is happening to me :hushed: I followed John’s tutorial to the t using the Clickfunnel method. I even changed my Hop Link twice! Is this a Clickbank issue? Ilya, I cannot seem to pull up the tutorials you linked. Any other suggestion? I am new, week one, psyched with the course and want to do some solo adds! Thanks for any help to get me over the hump here!