Opt-in page emails

How do we capture the emails from the people that have opted-in to our landing page?


Hi Michael! Email lists and opt-ins are currently not part of the program as this is a little bit of an advanced feature which requires some experience and technical handling to master. The emails (if promoting SAS) are captured by John and he would target those emails by an email marketing campaign, which may result in sales which will land you a commission.

We are working on extending the program through providing education on email lists and opt-ins, I hope that I’ll be able to publish a first article on that soon. Have you visited our Knowledge-base yet? a lot of important articles, videos and tutorials there!

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Thank you! That sounds good. I will check them out.

Another question re: email : After I do the manual website and have my domain registered, etc. how can I set up an email address? I have AWeber which I have only used a tiny bit and they say to have a paid email address - not a free one - so that if I am sending out emails promoting SAS it won’t go to their junk/spam folder. I currently have gmail so if I purchase solo ads, I definitely don’t want my email landing page to go to junk. Can you please explain?

Thank you!!!


Ilya recently created this doc you may find helpful :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve recently made a short video that shows the first step of making your own email list and converting your SAS presell page to an opt-in page, you might want to take a look when you feel like it :slight_smile:

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