One website for multiple offers or multiple offer-specific websites?

Hey SAS Legends!

My question is around using a website/blog for setting up landing pages for different offers.

If we want to promote different offers in the same niche, should we use separate domains for each offer, or should we just use different pages on the same domain?

E.g. OR

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both options?

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Hello Conrad, I have the same question. Please post here if you hve a reply from the helpdesk?
thanks Yasmin

Great Question looking for the same answer

I was wondering as well…

@skysplace and @mindfulquester. The answer to it depends on you. If you can handle different domains/website for different products that will be okay. Or you can also use just one domain for all your products/niches. For as long as your domain name is relevant to every product and makes sense.

In order to have multiple products on one domain, add a new folder under your domain file on Bluehost to create another website for a different product which will be a slug.

To add another product, just simply create a subfolder(slug) in public_html and go through the whole manual method set up.

My page will then look like this:

Same goes with other different products on my domain that will appear as

You may also check this link on how to install additional presell pages for the manual method.

Or create a subdomain to add additional pages, you can check this link on how to set up subdomains. I hope this helps.