OK here is my Affiliate Marketing so far

Joined SAS.

Signed up to Clickbank.

Signed up to SAS panel.

Signed up to Google ads.

I have started running ads on Google and have had clicks but no conversions yet.

Here is my overview -

And here are some of the keywords I am targeting -

I have roughly 400 keywords [phrase match]set to 3 different ad groups.

Google is saying my ads are limited due to budget. I have set the daily budget to £15 a day. Google is recommending increasing the budget to £49 a day. This is quite a lot especially since I am currently not making a penny yet.

The max CPC I have set to £2.00 for every keyword.

The landing page I decided to use is the main one we are provided within the SAS panel. - https://buildasuccess.info/

I have also set up tracking from google to my Clickbank account.

Is there anyone who can help me further with this?

Should I increase the budget or change something else?

Any help would be much appreciated.