Novice Question on Terms, Methods, and Definitions

Disclaimer: if I’ve missed something in the core material or maybe a help session, just point me in that direction and I’ll happily delete this post.

So, I’ve been in the course now for a few weeks and I’m still struggling to get all the terms, definitions, and even methodologies down. I’ll state what I think is right and then I’m hoping the community can help me fill-in or correct my understanding.

Terms & Definitions

  1. Pre-sell Page - a page you direct the user to in order to increase their interest in the product. From experience with solo ad sellers and even services like TrafficForMe, this is not supposed to be an order or sale page of any kind. I’ve been griped at multiple times because of this.
  2. Squeeze Page - I’m not sure on this. I think it is the same as a pre-sell page.
  3. Sale Page - the page which directs the user in some way to make a decision on what they are purchasing.
  4. Order Page/Form - the most obvious to me - where the user will order a product. I’m not sure how this differs, if at all, from a Sale Page.
  5. Call to Action - I know what this is and its purpose, but I’m struggling with what page it goes on. I think it goes on the pre-sell page.


Build Pages vs. Use Provided Pages

Many times (I mean, I’ve only tried this on a few products), I receive email swipes and links from companies whose products I want to promote. The problem is, the links vary in destination. Sure, some have generators, and I check all the options, but most of the time, it’s the same: sometimes its an order page and sometimes it’s a page with lots info, testimonials, etc. on it AND an order form (or at least what looks like one). Like I mentioned earlier, solo ad providers and even TrafficForMe don’t like this. In these cases they tell me I should have a squeeze or pre-sell page. So, should I in these case build a page (or funnel)?

Auto-responder & List Building

In the example provided above, I’ve also run into providers (they are technically called “sellers”, right?) who tell me I need to have my auto-responder ready or that they “know they’re list needs to see something 6-7 times before they commit so I should have a page which gets the name and email from users.” Does this sound right? And what should I do in these cases?

I realize that there are three ways of getting traffic: build, buy, and borrow. So, I know list-building is something I can - and maybe should - do. I guess I just assumed I wouldn’t be buying and building at the same time. It just sounded wrong to me.

It’s amazing what self help will do. It’s also amazing what is in the support video library. For anyone who needs help in the future, start there.

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Thanks for this @chad.hearn!