Newbie, my dreams and exceptactions for myself

Hello, Katie here from a small hamlet in Alberta Canada. I am a waitress I work 5 days a week. I have joined the Super Affiliate System because I want and will change my life from this day forward I aim to reach to stars…and Im very excited to think how life will be for myself and the ones I Love. I will build a cabin facing west looking at the Mountains, I will continue to give whatever I can even if its just a smile a hug or just some kind compassionate words. I will sit with my mate on the deck watch the sun set and rise I breathe the clean mountain air watch the flowers grow and feed all the animals that come to visit. When we are not relaxing at our cabin making lots and lots of money with this awesome system We will be cruising around our beautiful country in a luxury high end Deisel Pusher will working hard to accomplish my dreams.


Hi welcome to the forums. Your plans sound great. Cheers Nigel (Australia)

Hello fellow Canuck @Khuybrecht!! Welcome! :sunglasses:

Hi Katie,

Welcome to the Super Affiliate System!

Katie, Good luck, I know you can do it…Lets crush this!!!

Hi Katie! I am a newbie to this as well! You have amazing goals and I hope you make all of them come true! Good Luck!

Hi katie, welcome, you will certainly succed because of the will power vision and goal you have, i know how it is to study and work and i have been working 6-7 days a week tirelessly from morning to night, and we will all have success together :slight_smile:

Hi Katie,

Glad to know i am not the only newbie in the group. With that being said, I am excited to see all of your future success. i hope you reach all of your goals and aspirations for you and your loved ones. GOOD LUCK!!!

Hi Khuybrecht, cabin facing west by the mountains with clean mountain air sounds really good now. Wishing you all the success!

Hi Katie, I wish you success along your journey! Keep envisioning that cabin, and it must come true!

Hi Katie,

Your dreams are so inspiring! I know you’ll get there! Excited to hear about your future achievements.

Best of luck!

Sounds like great goals! :+1: Looking forward to achieving some high goals with the system myself! :smiley:

Such beautiful action plans that will surely come true for you!! :stars: