Newbie here from Toronto

Hey family,

Im 42, from Toronto, and looking to give myself a purpose and challenge in life. No kids, work 3 full days a week as a market research telephone interviewer. I love to dance. You can find me on TikTok @johndancebeats. Need some purpose in life and a challenge to keep me going. Never wanted kids and life is just life. Its hard to wake up everyday and really give a @#$%. I need a purpose something to excite me and challenge me, give me purpose. I’m really excited to start MarketingTech and SAS. Super excited. I’m hoping for good things and I’m hoping for great success and purpose for all of you in whatever you decide to do with what you learn here. I feel super blessed to have come across MT and John deciding to include SAS membership with a MT subscription. Its a no brainer to start SAS and commit to it and follow through with it. I hope for success and good things. Keep on dancing and great success to me and you!!!