Newbie comes on board

Hi everyone, I am Alexander calling in from Pattaya, Thailand. I wish everyone great success!


Hey Alex!

Glad to have you with us! Enjoy the forum! :slight_smile:

Hi Sabrina and Alexander, I’, Anahi from California, Usa, The best luck to al of us.

@anahi24 welcome on board!

thank you I’m so excited and ready to do this

Thank you Alexander. Same to you!

Hi Alexander, wishing you the greatest success too!

Thanks for your thouights

Hi Alex I was in Pattaya in February. great place

Wow, sorry I missed you, we could have connected. All the best.

David here from Nashville Indiana. Wishing success to everybody

Thank you Alexander.
Sincerely from Dr. Janell McKenzie retired Chiropractor Birmingham Alabama USA

Thank you. Your support staff has already been very helpful.
Great job.
Dr. Janell McKenzie retired chiropractor Birmingham, AL

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