Newbie Colo person

Hi all: I am Jennifer from beautiful Denver, Colorado Today is blue sky with mtn snow in the background, if you love beauty this is the place to see.
I have have my own dry cleaning and laundry delivery business for about 15 years now. I don’t make enough money with it ( I have 2 employees) but my customers love what I provide for them.
I deserve to make more money for myself! I am going to do affiliate marketing to take care of that desire. I have always been a hard worker my entire life.
I am looking forward to communicating with you all from all over the world, so exciting to me since I love travelling too.

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Hi, Jennifer! I have family in Broomfield, and I visit there often. It is beautiful. Although, I, myself, am more of a desert-dweller, so I’ve always liked Pueblo better. :melting_face: