New test facebook campaign

Hello everyone,

I’m a newbie here and I’m getting used to the Facebook ADS. I’d like to start to use them to promote several Clickbank products.
Few days ago I started a small test ad campaign running for one day with a very small budget (20€). I wanted to see the effective results before starting to invest. I want everything being on point before launching proper campaigns.

So, I decided to promote Flat Belly Fix, I used Clickfunnel for a landing page I made following the instructions in the tutorial. To create the audience, I followed John’s instructions in this video . So mainly Women, 40-60 age range. Keywords : extreme weight loss, fitness&wellness, Coach Mindy weight loss. The targeted audience was however way to broad in my campaign compared to John’s one. I copied exactly the same instructions, same procedure, but I guess I still don’t figure out some detail? :face_with_monocle:

Of course I didn’t obtain any sell, and I had to fight a lot with Facebook as they don’t want before/after images and naked body parts in their ads. I had to struggle 'till they finally approved it.

Now, I spent a bit less than 20€ in a one day test, I reached 1,417 people, 1,788 impressions, 32 clicks. Of course no sales.
Here’s the screenshot:

So, I’ve 3 questions:

  1. How can I analyse these datas to understand what’s wrong and what’s correct?
  2. Which is (assuming the procedure is correct) the best starting budget to see consistent results? In his videos John says 250$. Which has been your starting budget so far in your successful campaigns?
  3. May I send to Jenny or Josh the link to my landing page to understand what’s eventually wrong and what it is ok? I would love to understand where the mistakes are and eventually correct them.



Hi Ignazio, to me the process looks promising and your decisions look good. The stats also look good, as essentially you got 32 clicks, making it around 60 cents per click, a rate that most marketers would kill for.

For more specific analysis, I hope and @jenny.slukynsky can help you shed some more light on the specifics :slight_smile:

Thank you Ilya, I look forward to have some other feedback here.
Also, how can I understand if my landing page contains all needed or not? The big doubts I have are about how a landing page should look like to convert properly.