New SAS Pro Member From Texas

I joined this morning, and I’m thrilled to be on this journey with everyone.
I’m 61 yrs young. Live in Liberty Hill Texas, just north of Austin.
I’m currently working for an IT Education company called MyComputerCareer.
I’ve been with them for just short of 3 years.
Online Learning!
I’m a Senior Instructor Mentor and I work with approx 50 students every 14 weeks.
We teach and prepare them for testing for approx 9 IT Certifications over a 10 month period.
I love my job but I’m not getting any younger and I was looking for an alternate means of revenue and found John and the SAS Pro opportunity.
I’m hoping that in 6 - 12 months I can get my Internet Business up and generating a solid passive income and then we’ll decide where to go from there.
I look forward to speaking with you all on this forum again.

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Hello Edward @erbrew22, this is just a little check-up on you…how is it going with the SAS PRO training?!

Here is a short reminder for you - make sure to embrace all these points in your daily work with the course modules:

Work hard and invest your honest and true dedication - success will only be a matter of time!
Best of luck and we are all looking forward to hear from you :sunglasses:

PS: Please upload a profile picture!