New from Oregon

My name is Jeff and I just started. Here to learn and make some money through what this teaches


Welcome to the SAS family, @Staab_web! :grinning:

Hi Jeff @Staab_web :v: Well, you came to the right place then!
On behalf of John and the SAS staff - Welcome!
Here is a list with the most important points for you:

  • Whenever you have a question, reach out for our technical support at [email protected].
  • Make use of our forum and engage with your fellow students - all of them are aspiring and passionate marketers. This helpful community of like-minded people will be a great source of both, knowledge and inspiration for you! Share your personal experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can - simply benefit from one another and grow as a team!
  • Search through the Knowledge Base, to find plenty of additional instructions and tutorials.
  • Don’t miss are our Weekly SAS Live Trainings happening each Thursday. My colleague Ilya will guide you step-by-step through selected topics and you have the chance to ask any questions in the dedicated ‘Q&A’ part.

My very last request for you is: Please upload a profile picture.

Alright, now that’s it - get comfortable with the course environment and enjoy the modules!
And always remind yourself that this community right here is waiting to connect and communicate with you - add and share your personal value regularly! Your personal benefit will be tremendous!

Let’s go! :muscle:
(PS: Please upload a profile picture!)