New from Garner, NC

Hi, Deb here, hope I’m putting this in the right location. Originally from Chicago but currently serving in the military in North Carolina. Excited to be a part of the community and looking forward to building a solid financial future

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Hi Deb @debjcarter14, yeah -this is the right location :sunglasses: great to meet you! I hope your first impression of the SAS PRO is telling you that you are on the right path…success is always the sum of little efforts - even if things are difficult to understand at this point, do not feel encouraged because all parts will eventually fall into place! Hard work and patience…that’s all that it takes!

Since you have been with us for 2 weeks now, let me make sure you are aware of these points which are very crucial for your training:

That’s all for now, Deb! Keep up the good work and makes us all proud! :money_mouth_face:

PS: Please upload a profile picture!