Need help with making money

Hello everybody! My name is Jerry and I’ve been in this course for 2 months with no luck. I need someone who can help me in Google ads. I created an ad to capture leads as well as promote a product I’ve been working on since December that is about to launch. I need someone who I can send screenshots back and forth in real time so he/she can walk me through the set up. I thought I had it figured out but I guess I was wrong. I also need some feedback on ,my ad because money is very very tight for me and I can’t afford to waste any on an ad if people aren’t going to be attracted to it.
I don’t know if we are allowed to do this or not and I certainly dont want to get in trouble, or worse, get someone else in trouble. But let me try it this way. This ad represents an ai software that has an algorithm that reads the Forex marketing trends and so far has been 100% correct and giving people 16.9% returns every 30 days. This is an extremely high ticket offer that just one sale would be a life changer. plus the way they set up the powerline matrix makes it possible for someone to make over $250,000 in a month. It sounds too good to be true but I promise it isn’t. I need a couple people to team up with me and help promote this product. We are being put in teams anyway but I was trying to be selective before they choose for me. I’m not trying to take anyone away from here because I need to continue this course too. This is only a side gig that can give more money just from the launch than we earned in 10 years. let me know. even support people can join. Oh, and it’s free.

If anyone could please give me some honest feedback about my ad I created for Google Ads I would appreciate it more than anything. Thanks you guys. Here is the link to my ad

I am new here my name is Dorothy and am working on trying to make money to help offset our business right now. Was wondering if anyone could help me get my first couple of ads going. Please let me know thanks