My Vision - Introduction

Hi ~

My name is Carolann and I’m from Cohoes, NY. This is totally new to me and I am excited at the thought of possibly having my own business. I’m currently a school bus driver for pre-school lads & lasses and I absolutely love what I do. I have an engineering degree, but lack of experience and lack of guidance from my university has prohibited me from a job in that field. Furthermore, the thought of being enclosed by four walls for 8-10 hours per day gives me some anxiety. My current job gives me a 360 degree view…lol.

My goal to start with is to pay off some debt that I have incurred (including this course :wink: ). Then I would like to make enough to start my own business in textiles. After that a house and travel. Simple, right? LOL.

My motto: Every task has a degree of risk. Without risk there can be no glory!

And here I go…


Welcome Carolann, glad you have joined us here at SAS. Love your motto!

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Great to have you here, Carolann!
As a past teacher, I loved our bus drivers!
You have a very challenging job and are entrusted with our students well-fare.
Wishing you the very best on your entrepreneural journey!

Thanks Janet. I wish you much success on your journey also. :smiley:

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Welcome, you have some great goals, so hope you can achieve all of them.

Hi Carolann,

So like university degrees, they teach you the subject but not how to make real money with it. In your case you’re going to end up creating a new and better life than you would have had if you had done engineering. So enjoy the 360 degree view!


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Hi Walter.

Love your comment. University degrees basically tells a potential employer that the person possessing that degree has the ability to learn. Really! Does anyone really know what they’re getting into when they first start out? And every new position has some degree of learning to it.

I truly hope that you are right that I will “end up creating a new and better life than {I} would have had if {I} had done engineering”. Thanks for that good mojo.

Just curious. How is this working for you? Are you new at this also?

Well said Carolann!! Welcome, it is good to be on board with you
-Brian V.

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Thanks Brian. Ditto. When did you start on this program? I just bought my first solo ads yesterday.

Wow, that sounds awesome!! I just started this week (about 2 days ago). Im super excited and will definitely be asking you questions. Im continuing now