My search ad says eligible?

Hi guys, I made my google ads on Monday, it said they got approved, and now says eligible learning on the status, also it hasn’t received any clicks, or impressions or anything and hasn’t started spending, any ideas?

Hi Dylan.

Generally speaking, “Eligible” is a status given to ads that Google is still reviewing, but which may run under the following circumstances: If you see this status for asset-based ads (for example, responsive ads or app campaign ads), it means that some combination of your assets have been approved and may be running.

I’d give it some more time, and if there is still nothing new, contact they’re support, so they can approve everything quicker :slight_smile:

Also you can try to troubleshooting this:

  • Check the status of your ad groups and corresponding ads – they all should be enabled .
  • Make sure you have Keywords in your ad groups.
  • Make sure your budget is not too low.
  • Please make sure that your targeting is not limited or are too narrow for the ads to serve.
  • Try to expand the targeting bit more to broaden the Placement/Location.
  • Try increasing the bid. It’s possible that your bids are too low for your ads to enter the ad auction

And finally, there is a very helpful diagnostic tool, that can be used to determine if your ads are shoeing based on keywords, you can access it here.

Please let us know if you’ve had success!


I’ve set a budget of £20 daily, also the options John chose for his bid strategy, isn’t available for me. Mine is currently set to maximize clicks. I’ve just used that diagnosis tool you sent me and my ad is not showing from the keywords I searched for.