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My new sales milestone - 3 different product sales in one day


Yippee! I reached a new sales milestone today 12 Feb 2021 by selling 3 different products today. $173 in sales. It is not easy getting new products to work - it needs testing and optimisation. See Ilya’s webinars on these subjects. I used Google ads and the ads cost about $60 for one day so I have $113 profit which is an ROI of about 2.9. I enclose a Clickbank screenshot of 3 days. Never give up is my motto. :grinning:


Wow! This is amazing @ryoung2000. Congratulations on your sales!

Indeed, everything needs testing. Just keep testing to identify which works best and optimize.

Never stop learning and most importantly, never give up!

Way to go Robert! :clap:

UPDATE - In the last 7 days I earned $1400 in commissions about half of which is profit. Yesterday was a record day wit $401 in commissions earned while I was sleeping. :rofl: I have thus reached my initial aim of earning $2000 a month in my first year. I now need to find some products which will sell. I look forward to the new marketingTech platform which will speed up things hopefully.


Awesome!!! You are really nailing it. Keep it going, @ryoung2000! :clap: :confetti_ball:

@Bastian.sosong, this guy is skyrocketing success. :star_struck:


Awesome, congrats! I am just staring and cannot wait when would have the first sale :slight_smile:

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@ryoung2000, these numbers are amazing!!! CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY!!! You are totally killing it…I can tell you one thing - There is nothing more satisfying than seeing one of our students killing it! Seeing someone like you is exactly the reason why John is so passionate about teaching all of this! Keep going my friend and simply add some more digits to these numbers :fire: :rocket: :love_you_gesture:

Hi booking, I suggest you start with Google ads and forget solo ads (I never had one sale this way). Set up a Google search ad and do a 10 day test with 7 to 20 dollars a day. Use SAS panel to create your presell page for a product like Speechelo or Backyard Revolution or whatever and make a few changes to their template to make it unique. When you fill in the ad, I suggest you use up all the available headers and description fields. Google will select the best headers to get the best results. You can pin the first 3 headers if you want. Get a good list of keywords. Maybe create at least 2 parallel ads to test against each other.
Sales may not come immediately as Google also has to learn to place your ads in the best way possible. Be patient. Best, Rob

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Thanks Robert, this is great information. I’m on my 3rd month now and just starting to get used to setting up Google Ads. Keep up the good work. You are on your way to your Lamborghini soon!! :slight_smile:

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