My Introduction and My opinion

Hi everyone?

My name is MUGISHA Miguel i’m from Rwanda and i’m one of the members of SAS pro and i’m a beginner.

It been a week starting with this program i need a lot your help because i’m so broke and i hard take all my money (the $397) i put it in this SAS pro to learn how i can be my own boss.

I’m a hard worker and i’m full time available to learn and to work. So please i need a lot your help in this period and i need to work for money in order to get money for continue the courses because i hard paid only $397 so i need to paid again to continue the courses, so my expectation for those money, i hope that after learning these courses i will be able to work for money in order to pay again the remaining courses.

Thank you in advance i’m hopeful that you gonna help me, and so far i satisfied with your service.

Thank you

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Hi there, @migosmedia23! Great to have you on board!

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.